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How to avoid purchase fake beyblade ? (Must Read)

Posted by Jake on 30th Nov 2017

How to avoid purchase fake beyblade ? (Must Read)

Counterfeit Beyblades are Beyblades that are not manufactured by Hasbro, Takara Tomy, or SonoKong. 

These Beyblades are commonly composed of cheap plastic, broken parts, wrong or missing parts, and metal parts. 

Most fake Beyblades have horrible performance, and may damage authentic Beyblades if used together. 

There are fakes of Stealth Battlers, Electro Beyblades, BeyWheelz, and IR Spin Control Beyblades as well. 

Fake Beyblades are produced by the following companies:

  • Rapidity
  • Tisey
  • TT Hongli
  • GG
  • CC
  • MDX
  • Lian Fa Toys (aka Tornado Speed Top)
  • PK
  • BAM
  • CC Toys
  • Super Combat Gyro
  • Hurricane Metal Battle
  • Clash! Beyond Metal Fusion
  • BeyPro
  • Master Beyblade Fury!
  • Dollaram

The launchers and other blading accessories that comes with fake Beyblades will also perform terribly. 

They have been also known to come with figures, keychains, and even pencils. 

Dollarama, a Canadian dollar store company, has recently started selling fake Beyblades called "Tornado Clash Tops" under their brand.

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